What Great Bay Offers

A healthy, socially connected and well-balanced student is a successful student. At Great Bay, we offer you several ways to focus on wellness, recreation, a school-to-life balance, and nutrition. 

Fitness Center

Our state-of-the-art Fitness Center, located in the Student Success Center, provides you with the opportunity to exercise before, after, and between your classes. We offer a variety of cardiovascular, resistance training, and free-weight equipment. Locker rooms are available within the Fitness Center for you to change and shower after your workout. 

Whether you want to exercise alone or in a group fitness class, the Fitness Center is available to you during hours of operation Monday through Friday.

Athletics & Intramural Sports

Learn more about our athletics and intramural sports programs.

Campus Cupboard

Located within the Fitness Center, our Campus Cupboard is the on-site student food pantry that provides food and personal hygiene items for those students who have immediate needs. Whether you need breakfast, lunch, or a snack, the mission of the Campus Cupboard is to ‘Feed Our Students Success’ while you are on campus.

Please contact Brittanie Mulkigian at [email protected] for information about additional support.

uSafeUS® Mobile App

uSafeUS® is a free mobile app that has been developed to enhance campus safety for students. It provides campus-customized resources, guidance, and help for sexual assault or harassment, relationship violence, or stalking. It also offers tools to help keep you (or a friend) safe.

uSafeUS® can be downloaded to any smartphone via Google Play or the iPhone App Store.

Click here to learn more about uSafeUS®

Community Resources

See additional community resources available.